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At the moment, I fear I am a bit behind schedule on the reading goal.  Initially,  I thought the move to Texas was going to be beneficial in that respect, but I’m not getting as much reading down as I thought.  I’d love to say it’s because I’m busting my ass trying to learn the new job so I set myself up for future success; however, I have a feeling it has more to do with the digital cable subscription that I suddenly have access to.  It’s too bad that I’ve already read The Shawshank Redemption and The Stand, otherwise I could create a new “Books on Video” category and take some credit.  Unfortunately, I think that’s cheating…

In other news, I read Le Petit Prince yesterday and loved every single illustrated page of it (them picture books make for easy reading).  I’m not sure how many people outside of high school French students have actually read this book, but I wholeheartedly recommend it.


and that’s getting up before dawn to workout.  I’m pretty sure this dates back to my high school days when we would have conditioning workouts for wrestling that would start at 6am.  I remember trudging through the hallways and running up and down flights of stairs and telling myself that once the season was over, I would never, ever be punishing myself like that again.

          Then came OCS and, of course, that promise went to hell.  Apparently, Marine Corps Drill Instructors don’t much care for personal covenants- especially those that eschew running before the sunrise.

          After I commissioned, I once again told myself “Never Again”, and this time, I was pretty good at keeping to my word.  For three years, I never saw the sunrise in anything other than pajamas or a uniform, and I was more than content with that.

          Believe it or not, my fiancée, and I always thought she was certifiable due to this, has always been a proponent of the early morning workout.  Of course, the inevitable happened, and she finally suggested that we workout together.  I resisted for years, but finally, and I’m sorry to say this, last month I cracked under her indomitable willpower and the tacit threat of her pulling a Lysistrata on me.

          There has been an upside, however.  My afternoons and evenings are now entirely free, so I have been able to devote most of that time to reading and the occasional episode (ok…three or four episodes) of 24. 

Even more disturbing- and it pains me to say this- I might actually enjoy working out in the mornings.  It’s not that I like getting up early, but I do thoroughly enjoy having the gym practically to myself.  I may have to keep this up for a while.  Of course, if anyone asks me why, it’s only so I can reach my goal of 150 books.


Damn you, Jack Bauer.  Damn you.  How am I supposed to reach my goal of 150 books in one year if hours of my life are being sucked away by 24?  Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Joe, don’t worry, the season will be over soon enough.  Plus it’s only an hour, one night a week.”

            Well, sportsfans, that’s where you are wrong.  Somehow, and I’ll blame it on the haze otherwise known as college, I missed out on the phenomenon of 24.   I just started watching the show last month, and I already ache for it more than a long-haul trucker yearns for crystal meth.

I’m halfway through Season 3 right now.  If I recall correctly, Season 7 is currently running right now, so I still have three and a half more seasons to watch before I’m somewhat caught up.  That’s three and a half days of reading time down the tubes.  Something’s gonna have to give to make up for that.  Probably work.  Or sleep.  Giving up on Jack is certainly not an option.



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