1.  I-10 has to be one of the easiest roads to drive in the entire country.  Entirely flat;  I seriously can’t remember one curve.

2.   It’s very disheartening to switch roads and to have TomTom  tell you that there’s 848 miles until your next road change.

3.  I was stopped three times at random checkpoints and asked the following question:  “Are you an American Citizen?”

4.  If you like a room that doesn’t have climate control, has towels more threadbare than ten year old pajamas, and no hotwater, then you really need to stay in the Super 8 motel fifty miles east of El Paso.

5.  Texas is a big freaking state.

6.  At least 99% of the world’s pickup trucks are located in the Lonestar State.  Just goes to show that some stereotypes are based on fact.

7.  Despite their reputation for being gun-crazy, the number of dead deer on the side of the highway (at least 30), it’s apparent that Texans are either terrible shots or just not hunting enough.

8.  Texas  is a big freaking state